Coaching has been entering people’s lives for a few years. We hear a lot about it, but finally, when we question each other, we can see that for many of them, this form of support still remains quite mysterious and that a certain vagueness surrounds this news. benefit.

I propose here to lift the veil on this recent profession, to carry out with you a bit of a journey so that you can this form of support recently developed.

The coach drawn from French “check” and English “coach” is the one who leads travelers from one place to another and which allows them, by means of certain communication techniques, to reach the destination they have set themselves.

This practice is part of a long tradition of support. There was the sage, the mentor, the teacher, the guide, the counselor, etc.

Coaching claims a crossed heritage: that of the sports world (positive stimulation-support-performance) and of Socratic maieutics (Know yourself, yourself). It is also the way of the warrior, which involves choice, decision, action, and therefore through the body. So we are in action, the stakes are concrete, learning will take place and actions must lead to objectives and results.

Coaching is based on a state of mind in tune with our times. It is based on the following premise: the person supported has the resources and solutions that will lead them to the success of their goal. It is in fact a deliberate choice to bet on the person’s energies, on their positive past experiences, on their talents, on their capacity for evolution, because it has been shown that this approach gives the best results.

Indeed, we know precisely today that the thoughts that occupy a person’s mind daily determine “his reality”. This reality naturally leads to behaviors, decisions, actions and results.

The positive and dynamic approach of this support does not constitute a denial concerning the existence of behavioral problems, suffering, complaints; it just means that coaching is not concerned with these levels and that the coach is not a therapist. This dimension belongs to the Psy trained to welcome the suffering, the complaint necessary at certain moments of existence and who are there to “heal” and allow recovery, healing, healing. The energy level is different.

The coach is not a “naive” who sees life in pink and who “positive”. It has a specific role: that of accompanying action in a demanding process of evolution specific to human beings. It is therefore important that the form of support on which it will be based allows the deployment of the energies of the person at the service of the action.