We design your learning programs. Why ?

At a time of standardization, the sale of off-the-shelf programs and siloed offers, each in its own universe, we are convinced that learning must be highly personalized.

A rich learning ecosystem dedicated to the development of your collaborators .

At Coachline, we have a rich learning ecosystem. Experts, coaches, trainers, talented in their fields: the development of behavioural, managerial and organisational skills. We have a platform, a technology, digital process, videos, quizzes, exercises on each of the topics. Like alchemists, we greedily use all possible learning formats, digital and human.

Our job is to create the program that will precisely meet your  needs! And that’s why we “design” in co-construction with you, your program. Whether it’s short or long! The only thing that motivates us is to succeed with you in the mission entrusted to us. The only thing that fascinates us is our job, to support you in your development, towards your successes.

Because every  company has a history, a context, a culture

When we meet our clients, we listen to them.

They tell us about their history  from the moment  we meet them. They explain how to address their collaborators  because they have a culture, beliefs, values and grammar. They describe their expectations and the results they want to achieve through a program that we could develop with them. And they explain to us the constraints they have to deal with: time constraints: agendas are overloaded – geographical constraints;

Some employees are in the same place and others are spread over several sites – budgetary constraints, the priority is to reduce costs as much as possible.

However, they want to invest in the development of their collaborators’ skills and they want this investment  bear fruit and results!

Driving changes

Accompanying by Coachline


The accompaniment is part of our DNA because we are convinced that this is the good way to value the talents and the richness of our learning ecosystem.

We master the necessary support in a digital and blended environment thanks to a personalized monitoring of each participant in order to ensure a rate of 100% participation in each digital module and in the sessions of the deployed programs.

We insert the participant into a learning process  personalized, with clear goals with tutoring, coaching sessions, whether it is in face-to-face or at a distance because these moments allow individual appropriation and the development of skills.


team dedicated and engaged to your project

Our team, experts, trainers and coaches are involved and dedicated to your project step by step. Upstream, with co-construction,  communication tools, and exchanges with your stakeholders, kick off…. During, with all the people dedicated to the monitoring of participants and throughout  briefing and debriefing meetings in mind of continuous improvement of the program.

Accompaniment is one of Coachline’s strong points, which allows us to guarantee you the best ROI for your learning project.