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Accompanying your relocate business

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Accompanying your relocate business




Your organization is moving within the same region (50 km radius) or to another region. Of course, all your employees have the possibility to continue to hold the same job at the new location. However, in the first case, this can be difficult for employees who already live far away and they hesitate. In the second case, you have planned numerous measures to facilitate the geographical mobility of your employee and his family. In both cases, it is a heavy decision that potentially impacts the whole family unit of your employee. Moreover, for your organization, the loss of skills can be problematic.



You would like to be able to offer decision support for employees and their spouses who are reluctant to move. You are looking for a partner who will be able to take into account your legal constraints, negotiated support measures and your schedule.


You are looking for:

An effective, flexible, fast, non-binding, inexpensive formula that can be applied wherever you are implanted.

A partner able to easily adapt the pace of its interventions according to your schedule and to ensure communication and reporting for your HR teams and social partners.

A partner who can take into account your legal constraints.


2 key words lead Coachline’s intervention:

Tailor-made: totally individualized deployment of services, for the company and for each of its employees.

Co-design and management: a contact person capable of understanding the challenges of your organisation and of building the best response, and of managing the deployment of the system.

The objective of a Coachline course is first of all to accompany the employee in his reflection on his professional evolution.

The themes developed in the mobility path will be based on this reflection to boost the careers and autonomy of employees.

These 2 approaches combined are the best way to activate, for example, a GPEC or mobility agreement by allowing your employees to anticipate and take in hand the changes and evolutions that are likely to impact their job.


The modules below may be available in their entirety. Your collaborator will then choose, with his Coachline tutor, those that are relevant to him and the best order to follow them. You can also define with Coachline, the limited access to a certain number of modules according to the theme you want to address (for example a move, bringing your employees to develop new skills, …).

The work of the collaborators is divided into very short sequences that allow them to tackle different themes:


1 – Reflection on my professional development

To know my environment and prepare my action: our life in society, to develop one’s network and to communicate, to get informed,

Personal life balance, professional life (how to maintain and develop your energy, self-coaching, know your core values, …)

Define your professional priorities, become familiar with change, identify your talents and weak points


2 – Acting according to my priorities

Training: understanding the personal activity account, finding a training course

Changing workplace: geographical mobility

Changing countries: international mobility

Changing teams: joining a new team

Changing professions: reconversion

Changing companies: organizing your monitoring, understanding the company culture

3 – Implementing and succeeding in your mobility

Complementary modules can also be deployed later on to support the employee in the implementation of his project. Modules or paths are available around :

– self-confidence:

– professional development

– a change of function or profession

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