Supporting the team

Training, facilitation, team coaching, blended learning, Codev groups.

At Coachline, we love to accompany your teams! Whether it’s a matter of communicating better, cooperating better or activating the team’s collective intelligence.

We also like to design and deploy blended training courses for teams of managers or facilitate the exchange of best practices with their peers through Codev groups.

There is no limit to our creativity to meet your expectations and build with you agile and efficient teams.

Coaching and training formats

Blended Learning

Building customized training programs is what we like to do. By working with you to better understand the results you want to achieve, we provide high-impact, structured learning sequences and memorable experiences for participants.

Team Coaching

When a team is not performing at its best, it is because the team entity is affected by its interactions. The role of the coach is to observe the team system and to coach it as if it were a person so that awareness can be raised and the team can find its own solutions.

The animations

Here the trainer-coach has expertise in a tool that will structure an intervention. DISC, The processCom, Open Mind Tools, MBTI, Lego Serious all aim to help a team to better understand each other, to better communicate, to better collaborate, to be more agile, more creative and more efficient.

The workshops

The organization of workshops can be done in virtual classes or in person. it is to address a topic that can easily be covered in 2, 3 or 4 workshops in a 3-hour format. Creativity, agility innovation situational management, etc. Most of the time, the trainer coach will propose a "flipped classroom" format with content and individual work beforehand, then the class, with interactive animation, role playing, games and exercises.

Collective intelligence

Collective intelligence interventions are often related to transformation, reorganization, innovation, project creation or management. The methods used are: World Cafe, Open Space Technology, Appreciative Inquiry, Scenario Planning, Chaordic Process, Osterwalder Canva, etc. Depending on the subject, the maturity of the organization, the expected results, the choice of an approach will naturally impose itself.


The particularity of co-development is to propose to managers or leaders to share their good practices in a protective framework, facilitated by a coach trained in this method. A manager presents a topic to the group on which he needs feedback from his peers and through questioning, he will find his own solutions. The resolution of one's own case will also serve the other members of the group.

The themes on which we accompany and train

The rise in skills

Changes and transformation

We train operational managers and middle managers in team management.
Managing a team, new managers, situational management, manager coach. We train top managers in complexity management, soft skills, resilience and emotional intelligence.
We also intervene on the themes of team cohesion, team coaching, communication and cooperation.

New strategy, reorganization, crises, businesses exposed to change (digitalization, new products or processes, new standards, changes in information systems. The team is the entity that will absorb the policies of the organization and it must be able to demonstrate agility, creativity, adaptability, resilience,. It must also be able to resist tension, stress...

Commitment & cooperation

Boost energy and team cohesion

The climate within a team is the result of many factors. Certainly it depends on the climate of the organization and is affected by the attitudes of its leader. The disengagement of several members within a department or a team, or the lack of cooperation, requires rapid action. This indicates that there are two types of actions to be taken in parallel. First, make changes within the team to urgently improve the situation and second, identify the causes of the disengagement climate and take action.

What will first boost the energy of a team is the climate of trust that will regulate between each member including, of course, the manager.
Secondly, the team needs to be transparent, to embrace the course, the objectives, especially in uncertain climates.
It is therefore important to work on meaning and benevolence. Using tools such as DISC or other approaches, it is also possible to create more cohesion, more communication, more agility in uncertain contexts and to understand how to make the complementarities of the team members play out.

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