Accompanying the individual

Accompany the director, the manager, the employee in remote or face-to-face

One of the axes of our work consists in accompanying people. Whether it is coaching, training, consulting, tutoring or mentoring, depending on the need, the issues and the objectives, we set up the formats that will best help people to achieve real results.

Individual coaching formats

Online Coaching

Online coaching is a true learning experience through a blended program that includes learning and role playing. Coaching takes place on the platform, which organizes a customized course thanks to the initial positioning test that allows us to establish the coachee's personalized program.

Face-to-face coaching

Face-to-face coaching is also undergoing a revolution at Coachline. The associated coaches of the collective are present in all the territories, receive in their offices or travel. The platform organizes a test that positions, the program of intersessions, the choice of coach, appointments and tripartite .

Action training

This format is useful to enhance the value of an e-learning program and give it its full power. The coach intervenes at key moments of learning transformation in the person's daily life. It prescribes actions to be taken. We can compose, according to your needs, a tailor-made program

Testing & debriefing

Know yourself better to better manage or lead. We have several tools such as DISC and motivations, the 360° or the new tools used by neurosciences that allow us to better identify our own reactions to uncertainty and stress. These tests are debriefed by certified professionals.


Mentoring is a form of support that can be implemented in some inclusion projects. Setting up a mentoring program requires a rigorous process! At Coachline, we can accompany you and through our platform, ensure the success of this project.

The OSS platform

To support learners and coachees, we offer a state-of-the-art digital ecosystem capable of managing massive deployments, providing a personalized experience, with targeted content and the use of tools mastered by our coaches and trainers, all of whom are certified Experts 4.0

Themes of individual coaching

Rise in Competence

Transitions, Changes

Individual coaching is the most effective format for developing the "soft skills" that leaders, managers and executives need to successfully carry out their missions in a complex, unstable world, which generates resistance and disengagement and where there are many challenges on a daily basis. Companies are now convinced that these skills are just as important as business skills.

Whether it's a question of making a successful transition to a new position or accompanying a transformation or change, these phases of professional life generate apprehension and stress. The manager or leader is "challenged" and must be able to step back, have the ability to put several situations into perspective at the same time and develop the appropriate skills to manage these uncertain environments.

Stress, Priority management, Time management

New - Executive Coaching

The stress of managers is often due to a lack of management of their priorities and time. Through coaching, he will be able to reposition the time with high added value and understand which time takes a lot of energy for little result.
Coaching will help him to put into perspective the roles related to his function in order to redefine his priorities and to organize his time and benefit from a better performance and a better quality of life.

What leadership should leaders develop in a world of constant transformation? What are the challenges facing management in the face of crises, new social and environmental responsibilities, generational challenges, individualism, and changes in international balances? What skills should be developed? Our "Executive Coaches" team accompanies your leaders to help them develop new talents.

Coaching for your clients

You are a large company and as part of your value proposition, you want to support and train some of your customers? With you, we can establish tailor-made programs that mix training and coaching on the themes that you feel are important to propose to your clients. Below, see what we were able to build as a program for a mutual insurance company.

Support and train your entrepreneurial communities

You already support communities of entrepreneurs with useful services for their daily activities, offer them a real operational professional support that will allow them to optimize their performance, their results. We co-construct with you an adapted program. See below for an example.

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