About Coachline

The CoopTech that nurtures your natural performance

Coachline is the first CoopTech that combines the agility, innovation, and technology of a startup with the richness of a cooperative of men and women, associates, experts in coaching and training.

The Startup Coachline was created in 2016, following a fundraising that allowed it to build a leading learning digital technology ecosystem, called: “The One Stop Shop”. From the beginning, Coachline has developed a multimodal and customized approach to coaching in order to meet the needs of its clients with a high level of requirement in terms of deliverables and results.

In 2022, in order to go against the companies which sell coaching and training platforms,and which create standardized training and abuse of subcontracting system, Coachline decides to create a cooperative subsidiary which welcomes a selection of professionals as members, associate members in the cooperative. The professionals working with the Coachline team are paid 100% of their fees for their interventions.

The three pillars of Coachline


Natural Performance

A performance and results-oriented pedagogical approach that values meaning, talent, potential, collective intelligence and well-being at work. Our programs designed with this vision will allow your employees to reveal their performance, their potential, to strengthen their energies. This will foster a culture of engagement.


The Cooperative Collective

Progressively on all the territories, the Collective grows, enriched with experts pro Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, able to accompany you, to train you closer to your company and your collaborators. The associated members of the collective are committed and are all certified Expert 4.0


The One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop, means you can conduct all your coaching and learning projects from one place. OSS is a true technological innovation that offers an agile digital ecosystem. It is constantly enriched with new applications and can be configured according to your projects.

Some figures

Coachline is a partner committed to companies. The human being, his performance, his success and his quality of life is our daily challenge.


Years of experience


Associate members


Managers and executives supported


educational resources

Why choose us?

An alternative offer

A hybrid organization co-piloted by the startup and by the collective of Pro Experts able to accompany and guide you from the first contact.

Putting people first

Whether it's the professional experts, the clients, or the learning users, at Coachline, benevolence and listening are at the heart of our values.

A quality-price ratio

With the tailor-made approach, we respond exactly to your request, your budget and the result you are aiming for thanks to the elaboration of a personalized course.

Experts at your service

We have a methodology from the first contact: active listening and co-construction, in order to help you on the development of your specifications.

Learning innovation

The Lab du Collectif works with collective intelligence on pedagogical innovations to offer you the best learning experiences.

From local to global

The project, the strength and the vision of the collective is to be physically present in all territories, as close to you as possible, whether in France or abroad.

We loved working with these companies

A team to team up with you

Florence ROLLOT
CEO of Coachline and President of the Coachline Collective

After a first part of her life in the management of companies in the medical sector and in the event industry, Florence Rollot became certified in coaching in 2000.

She has published 3 books on Happiness and Stress with Economica-Anthropos and Éditions de l’Homme.

She co-founded ICF France in 2002 and is its first Vice-President.

She intervenes in companies using collective intelligence approaches, in particular with the positive approach “Appreciative Inquiry”.

In 2016, she founded Coachline, around a project to build a digital ecosystem: The One Stop Shop and raises funds.

In 2022, Coachline creates a cooperative subsidiary whose mission is to propose to professionals a solidary structure with the project to take in hand the future of their learning and coaching professions.

Sales Manager
Vincent BADIE
Director of Learning Experience
Customer success manager

What if you chose a CoopTech that develops the future of training and coaching professions with solidarity values!