One Stop Shop – The platform

The One Stop Shop allows you to manage tailor-made coaching and learning 4.0 programs for company employees, managers and executives on a single platform. It is, today, the only solution on the market that offers to customize the learning experience according to the needs of each learner. The One Stop Shop can also connect to other platforms to extend its learning experience capability to fit any type of project.

The One Stop Shop platform is an “all-in-one” concept whose role is to centralize and organize all the important data for each project in a readable way. Easy to use, the interface immediately gives the user the main information: scheduled or upcoming appointments and tasks to be accomplished.

This way of presenting information allows the user to gain efficiency. With increased visibility on the actions to be carried out, this dashboard provides reassurance and precise guidelines necessary to improve the skills of learners and coachees.

A complete digital library
Social learning - Adaptive learning - Artificial intelligence - Mobile learning - Virtual classes
Formats adapted to everyone
Interactive and collaborative teaching approaches, using playful and stimulating situations
A step by step follow-up
Objectives, progress and progress of each of your employees shared and monitored