Digital Learning

Made to measure!

From our library, which already includes more than 300 contents (such as video modules, quizzes and exercises), we are able to quickly deliver customized e-learning modules.

Two possibilities:

1. We already have the whole course built and we can customize it to your needs and colors,

2. We co-construct with you and our experts a customized course that will meet your objectives and expectations.

Terms & Process

Expert content

The content is designed by our expert trainers and coaches in their areas of excellence. They are put into production by Coachline.


Coachline is equipped with some of the most innovative program construction tools that allow for high impact learning experiences.

Pricing policy

Depending on your own digital ecosystem, several types of quotes are possible. Either a xmn purchase of modules, or a cost per license, or a mix of both.

Small educational grains

The courses are built from pedagogical units that are divided into small thematic units (for example: para-verbal communication).

Building bricks

Our courses are composed of original videos, serious games, quizzes, interactions, scenario options, exercises, which we can easily adapt.

The custom-made

Do you have a specific need? We respond to your request in the same way as if we were building an intervention. A subject matter expert, a script and a production start-up.

The latest programs concerned

Reception of the public: managing incivilities and aggressiveness

Your employees are required to welcome an increasingly impatient, tense and aggressive public. This course on aggressive communication will help all those receiving the public to deal with incivility and aggression by providing them with valuable communication tools.

Security training offer: management of incivilities and physical aggression

Designed in partnership with former members of the BRI, this course allows you to train your employees in all types of situations, from incivility to terrorist attacks, and to bring you into compliance. This program is in support of the face-to-face training by our partner SRD Sécurité

Preventing psychosocial risks

We suggest that you make your managers aware of PSRs in order to better detect the weak signals that indicate that their employees or themselves are facing stress management difficulties! With our "natural performance" approach, we give them the tools to respond to this type of problem.

Managing at the heart of complexity

Managing in uncertain times: this course is dedicated to managers who must be able to create their zone of empowerment and autonomy in the heart of systems subjected to successive crises in a complex world.
This course proposes to develop 5 meta-competencies that will enable them to manage in these environments.

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